Monday, April 7, 2014

I wanna iguana


Soooo... Nothing too exciting this week. I had one of the members here who is a carpenter make me a sling shot so we could go hunt iguanas. Maybe next P-day we are going to go into the jungle and find something delicious to eat. The iguanas here grow to be almost 1 meter in length, and supposedly are very delicious. The local method of hunting iguanas is to shoot them in the head with a slingshot, which makes them fall out of the tree, and then run up and decapitate them with a machete before they get away. We´ll see how that works out for us I guess J
So this week, instead of buying a ton of groceries like I normally do to eat a comfortable North American college diet, we bought 5 pounds of rice, 2 pounds of beans, 2 dozen eggs, a bag of flour and a bag of sugar. Rice, beans, pancakes, and atol. Going all heathy and stuff. I bought like 5 pounds of potatoes too.... Crap, I just realized we didn´t buy syrup for the pancakes... All is well down here, our goal for this month is between 10 and 12 baptisms. We had 323 baptisms as a mission in the month of March.

Elder Rice


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