Monday, April 7, 2014

Livin' off the land


We ran a little short on money this last week due to a few extra costs that we had. So we didn´t buy much at the store for our weeks groceries and developed a plan to survive. We still had enough for our lunch that we buy every day, and there was still food left over from last week, and weeks past. Every time we passed by a mango tree we would eat one or two green mangos. Then we would just go around and anytime we saw a chance to take out water from a well, or chop wood we did it, because the people almost always give you some water and either some bread or some crackers or something.

 Everything was going awesome, and even though I was usually a little hungry, it´s good, because I need to drop down a couple pounds anyways. Then Sunday rolled around and we both pushed the limit just a little too much. I don´t know how many mangos my companion ate, but I ate like 5 really big, really green mangos. The next day... phew! Qué dolor! By the end of the night I was just doubling over from the stomach cramps I was getting. People kept asking me why I was sweating so much after sitting down for 30 minutes. Like our mission president says: Qué bendición elderes, me gusta cuando mis elderes sufren. Haha! Well, with sacrifices come blessings I guess.

This week I contacted a guy that had lived in Aloha, OR a while. I didn´t believe it at first, but after he mentioned that huge rabbit on TV HWY I had to accept the homesickening truth. Pretty cool though seeing a guy that had been in my hood. He was drinking though and didn´t really want to go to church, but still pretty cool.

Baptism number 20! Cristian Pozueloz.

Also, Antigua......Again

Love, Collin

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