Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Teach and preach and do as missionaries do

Not sure if I already used this subject line... probably already have. So we were walking along the highway a little bit today like 2 hours ago, and these three guys on bikes go by. But not like normal bikes, they had tons of camping and bike touring stuff on the bike. So we started walking super fast and caught up to them (on foot) and started contacting them. They were from France, spoke French, English, and Spanish pretty well. So we invited them to church and all, and they rejected us. It was pretty cool though, just walking them down and walking next to them on their bikes. All the locals were laughing cause we were keeping up with them. Pretty much the highlight of the week.

  I also got some sweet pictures yesterday, but we are super behind today, so we are going to cut our internet short and go work. We had a zone training, and then interviews with the president, and we were there pretty much all day.

Sounds like everything is going super well back home! Thanks for all the updates! Also I, Collin Rice, give you permission to handle my tax refunds and if you so desire, multiply my money through investments and or candy trafficking.

We have been having a hard time recently getting people to be baptized. We don´t really know why. We are doing everything we can and it’s just not happening. But it’s all ok, we´ll have more soon!

 Sorry you’re so cold. The weather here is going to be pretty hot here... Like always J

Love, Elder Rice


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