Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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So we are now well into my third change here in Santa Lucia. (Changes are a missionary measurement of time equal to 6 weeks) It is still hot... All the time... We still have about 3 weeks until the next changes meeting, in which the normal thing would be for me to go to a new area. I will be super sad to leave all of the people that I have met here. I won´t miss so much the cold showers every single morning, or the large spiders that frequently show up, or the hot humid climate. I love the work I am doing here, and I love the Guatemalan people. I sent some cool pictures of some Mayan ruins to my mom that she should be putting up on my blog shortly J Some of the rock carvings they had dated back to the Nephite era. Pretty cool just touching things that are as old as the Book of Mormon or the Bible (~2000years ago).

Anyways, not much to report this week. Thanks for reminding me about Valentines Day this week. J I must tell all the girls to ´wait for me´ J
Love, Elder Rice

Sweet rock head we found. Supposedly it is a huge statue that is buried. They tried to take it out with the biggest crane they have here, but the nose broke off, so they just left it. All around are burned candles and there is a fire pit where supposedly they sacrifice chickens or some shenanigans. There were lots of burned chicken remains... Pretty insane stuff

Here is a cool Mayan rock carving of what is supposedly two boxers, with one defeating, and standing triumphantly over the other.

And of course the masterpiece jaguar. I’m determined to carve one to scale when I get home

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