Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hometown Shout Out!

So we had a pretty cool week this week! Yesterday we went to the beach as a zone. Let me tell ya´ll, the beach here is HOT. As missionaries we can´t go in the water, so we just got super sweaty! We played beach volleyball for a bit, ate some hamburgers, and rode in a mini bus completely full of hot sweaty missionaries. It was great!

Collin is in the 2nd row (actually, he IS the 2nd row!) in the blue shirt

Last week I unlocked several achievements during the normal proselyting day. The coolest being that we ordered a pizza on Two-for-one-Thursday, and it showed up in 32 minutes-2 minutes after their guarantee- so we didn´t have to pay for it! ‘Twas pretty awesome. As missionaries in this mission, we have a goal of contacting at least 35 people every day, and at least 10 of them have to be a full family. So as we were going home one night we still needed 1 more family contacted. The streets were completely empty. All of a sudden I see a motorcycle tearing down the road. Turns out there is a whole family on board. So I did the logical thing, and walked out in the street and waved them down, and got their address to go visit them another day. I felt so bold J

Your description of the Russian Olympics sounds a lot like it is here- you wouldn´t believe how many dogs there are on the street!

I realized the other day: I´m going to be 20 pretty soon... I can buy a handgun when I get home! Or go to Vegas! JYou probably shouldn’t bother to send a package for my birthday. I was pretty bummed about the Christmas package not making it here. Maybe just deposit the money in my Swiss account and I´ll get some Oreos or something, and celebrate for real when I hit 21. J

I had a thought the other day. I think it would be super awesome (just for being able to post on Facebook or whatevs) if I went to work the same night I got back. Maybe Erika can hook me up. Glad to hear Jared got accepted to BYU-I. You’re going to be a grandma in no time!!!HAHAHAHAHA

Love, Collin

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