Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle!

Well, we did like the coolest thing yesterday for our P-day(preparation day). We live on the edge of the jungle, so we decided to actually go check it out and get some sweet pictures. It was super awesome! Tons of cool stuff. This country is so beautiful! The only problem is that everyone just throws there trash in the rivers, and all the sewer lines flow straight into the water. Anyways, enjoy the tropical pictures and be super jealous that where ya´ll are is probably super cold right now while I´m livin´ it up in the sun! J
We are teaching a family right now that is just awesome. They are getting baptized on the 19th. They are super humble, and the dad hasn´t found work in over a year here, so the mom has to work in somebodies house as a maid or something. They pretty much read everything we ask them too, and are so happy that we were able to find them and teach them.

Love ya´ll,
Elder Rice


There I am- down at the bottom in the middle!

Volcan del Fuego, or Volcano of Fire

Some random Guatemalan kid  followed us around, so we let him take our picture.
Collin and Elder Martinez

All the gross garbage from everyone throwing it in the rivers.

Read your scriptures!

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