Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Antigua Antigua Antigua

So yesterday for P-day (preparation day, or their “day off”) we went to the local tourist trap as a zone. It´s about an hour away. It´s a beautiful little tourist town in the mountains with a sweet view of the volcano and water. They have tons of ruins of old Catholic churches, as well as many that still are in service. There’s a market that sells lots of cool stuff that I won´t need for another 16 months, but it was still cool looking at it all and perfecting my stone cold bargaining. I sent pictures to my mom that ya´ll can check out on my sweet blog she keeps. Just forewarning... The culture here is a little different in the sense that breast feeding in public uncovered is a fairly normal thing, and the water fountain is a representation of life or something like that... You were warned ;) (Ummm yeah...take a closer look at the fountain...)

Posing in front of the fountain of life

Arrepentíos, arrepentíos, todos vosotros, extremos de Guatemala, y sed bautizados en el nombre de Jesucristo!

Our zone

Our zone on our visit to Antigua
You asked about how much teaching we do. There are times we have way too many people to teach, and times where we just knock doors for 2 hours, but mostly we teach tons of people. I bet the missionaries there would be jealous if you told them we teach upwards of 50 lessons a week J Turns out the family we are teaching won´t be baptized so soon. The guy is married to somebody else, and a divorce here is pretty tough for most people. It's a common problem down here.

Also, I got myself a cool native type shirt and a new Bible for Christmas J I´ll send pics of me rockin´ my Latino islander shirt next week!  J

Today I went to the store and bought Cookies and cream Oreos, white bread, 1 package of spaghetti, soap, tomato sauce, sliced turkey ham, annndddddd 3 pounds of apples J I forgot cash, so I had to use my card. (From mom:I get a text alert from the bank when he uses his card so it’s fun to see what he’s buying! All this stuff came to $9.95 US) Oh, I got a McFlurry too, but I used the mission card for that (I only had like 3 dollars on it)

 Love ya,
Elder Rice

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