Thursday, January 23, 2014

Awesome conference, and a friend from home!

Sorry I’m emailing late this week- just busy in a sweet conference with Quentin L . Cook and all-you know-hanging out with apostles. That’s why I couldn´t write until today. We had a conference with Central, South, and East Guatemala missions, where Quentin L. Cook talked. It was super awesome! It was incredible everything they told us. It was also really cool seeing all the people that were in the CCM (The Guatemala Missionary Training Center) with me that went to other missions. I saw my old companion from the CCM and we talked a bit, and then all of a sudden I saw Elder Isaac Derrah. I knew he was here in Guatemala, but it was really crazy actually seeing somebody from back home! We had to get up at 4am to be there by 10am, and then afterwards we had to ride in a bus the whole way back, and ended up in our area at about 4pm. It was a seriously long day, but so worth it!

You probably saw my deductions to my account. I was pretty much out of money, soooo... I bought 800g of oatmeal, some hand soap, a light bulb, annnddddd that’s all folks... I would have bought some bread but there wasn´t any. Oh, I got some sweet Kenneth Cole dress pants at the mega paca for 17Q... like 2 dollars and some change.  I have your gift for thrift shopping. I always find awesome stuff! I found some Ecco shoes in my companions size for him too.

Anyway, not much today. Gotta go, love you!

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  1. That is so cool that you saw and got to talk to Elder Darrah! : ) Very cool!