Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life at the CCM


I don´t really have all that much to write about this week unfortunately. It’s been pretty regular day-to-day. We are very busy all of the time, but there is not really anything new that has been going on this week. We mostly just work hard to relearn the gospel in Spanish.


We got new Latinos and a few new gringos this last week, and it has been fun getting to know the new guys. I am now able to understand most of what the Spanish speaking people say if they talk a little bit slower than normal. I finished the Book of Mormon all the way though this morning in my personal study, so I have endeavored to read the New Testament now. It is much harder to understand... I have also started to read the Libro de Mormón from the beginning. It takes me 3-4 times longer to read in Spanish, but I can understand about 80 or 90 percent of it. The Latinos in my room told me I have learned Spanish the best of all the people in the CCM ever last night. I don´t think that this is true, but it helps to know that they think I am able to speak pretty well. I bought a Book of Mormon in Che'chí (I think that is how it is spelled) yesterday at the distribution center, and I am going to try and start reading that too in my free time. Che'chí is one of the native languages that people speak up in the northern mountains. There isn't really any reason for me to learn it, since I'll be in the city, so I am not spending too much time with it, just for fun.


The food here is great. I just don't eat when we have big burritos with sour cream and guacamole, but just about everything else is pretty good. Usually the food is cold though. Nothing like cold scrambled eggs with nacho cheese or salsa on them.


You will all unfortunately have to wait for First Collin Chapter 3, as there is not really much for me to write about, and I'm far too tired to translate to Book of Mormon grammar. These first 3 weeks have just flown by, and I’m sure the next 3 will be even faster. I can´t wait to get out to City Central. We took a walk off the reservation yesterday! It was sweet! We only went like a block though.


 The last two weeks I´ve practiced sewing a bit J I took one of my shirts and sewed the sleeves into a muscle dress shirt. It looks so sweet that several other guys had me do it to theirs too. I think I have done 5 or 6 now J I also fixed a seam that was bursting on one of the guys in my district's pants. I think I am actually pretty good at it, it looks nice and clean. Elder Refuerzo and I sewed Elder Wyatt’s pants shut, and all his ties together, and then hid his picture of his precious Camille. Good times!


We get to go to Wal-Mart next p-day! So my companions and I are planning on buying a few things.. We have a list, ordered by importance:

-Zip ties, to tie people in front of us to their chairs during devotionals and Zone Conferences

-Protein Powder

-Beef Jerky (if they have it)

-Bar soap (for showering... If anyone asks, tell them to bring AT LEAST 3 bars of soap for a six week stay...)

-Pens (for writing letters to friends and family... and taking notes sometimes J )

-Febreeze or some other similar air freshener... (We have been taking the ones out of the bathroom up until now J)


Tell people to send me more letters, it makes my day to get mail, and it makes all the other guys jealous when I get lots of letters, especially from girls.


Con Amor -Elder Rice


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