Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Been out for nearly a month!

Everything is good here! I have appreciated all of the letters I have gotten so far, it is definitely my favorite part of the day when I get a bunch of letters! Sooooo... send me more! It’s been about the same here, we are still in the MTC, so not a lot of different stuff happens.

We had a HUGE storm the other day! Nothing destructive or anything, just tons and tons of rain. The thunder here is crazy! During the storm we were just hanging out when all of the sudden it sounded like the entire sky had just ripped in half. It was such a powerful sound that I was actually afraid, and not in the startled kind of way. And the thunder here rolls too, like 4 or 5 seconds! There’s not usually all that loud of thunder though.

As far as our visit to the market, It was soooo different! The one we went to was actually in this weird building that I’m not going to try to describe, but it had 3 floors. There were little store everywhere!-selling tons and tons of home made things: pottery, paintings, clothes, dresses, just about everything you could possibly make out of leather, machetes, live chickens, soccer jerseys... just tons of stuff! and it was all sooooo close together, the whole place was cramped. Everything is super cheap too! One of my companions bought a hacky sack for 4 quetzales there.. which is like... less than 70 cents. It’s cool! I didn´t buy much, since I figure I’ll get to spend plenty of time shopping. I did buy a backpack sort of thing, in the local kind of style. They are sweet! They have sweet colors, with a messenger style strap that’s not very comfortable, but they also have a hipstrap, like a hiking backpack. It’s really nice for walking, because it doesn’t make your back all sweaty. I’ll send a picture when I can of it, and all the other cool stuff

It feels like I just wrote home the other day, because not many new things have happened since last time I wrote home. Oh there was one cool thing, a little bird flew inside one of the buildings we use here, and my Latino companion just went up and grabbed it and released it back into world. It was pretty sweet. I´ve been trading magic tricks with another Latino here too, I stumped him when I turned 5 quetzales into over a thousand right in front of his eyes. It’s a sweet trick!

Send me more letters! Please and thank you!

Also, send me some pictures, just a few, like 2 or 3 adios!

-Elder Rice


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