Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pain and Gain

10 more weeks... Ya´ll know what that means! Time to get back in shape! My companion and I wake up at 4:45 every day and hit the gym until 6:15. No more soda. No more junk food (or just a little bit!). And we even went in on some protein powder. Even though we sleep a whole lot less, I don’t feel any more tired than usual (aka totally destroyed). Supposedly if you exercise well you need less sleep. Anyways, we are going to get huge!

Studying Hard!
 Since we are in charge of the zone (which by the way is a huge zone) we have to do a lot of travelling. That is probably the most tiring thing about everything that we do. The buses here are SUPER full. We usually end up obeying the ´´3 to a seat´´ rule, which-with 3 grown men-means the last guy has to ‘one cheek it’. And the mountain roads here are crazy turny, so you always get thrown off the seat... It’s crazy... I´ll just be glad to be able to not use public transportation ever again...

Even though I was in this area before I don´t know anybody here as it’s still pretty far away. But yesterday I did see one of the youth we used to go visit with! It was cool, he was way excited to see me again.

We had some 'personnel problems' the other day, so we called the mission president for some advice. He called the person causing the problem and told him ´´You will be EXACTLY obedient to everything that your companion says and all of the rules, or I will drive down there, and you won’t like what happens. I will call your mom, and right in front of you I will tell her that her son is lazy, and a liar, and isn´t learning anything, please talk to him and help him to be better.´´ He said he didn´t have any more problems after that! President Markham throws it down dude! So you’ll be glad to know we took care of the problem without getting any moms involved! J I gotta be really careful when I get married... I hear way more stuff now as a zone leader about the sister missionaries....girl drama! L

Also, I would be down to room with Jared at college if he wants to.
And yes,  I know what hashtags are J
Anyways, that’s all I got this week.
10 more weekly letters to go!
Thanks for the updates!
Love you mom!

Utzawatch, Elder Rice



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