Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fotos Gratís, Mayonaisse, and a really tough tree

A service activity that we frequently do is chopping wood. (Well- mostly me, because my companion can´t do it very well, so he just chats it up with the people) This week we found a lady trying to chop some logs up, but not making any progress. So we offered to help her out. I had seen her struggling to split any wood, so I made sure that the first swing would be really impressive. Now, I am used to how hard the wood is here, but holy cow! Usually the axe just gets stuck, and you have to hit the same spot on the log several times to split it. I gave it all the strength that I had, and the axe just bounced right of the wood. It was the craziest thing I have seen in some time! So I tried again, and the same thing happened. Finally on the third swing the log just broke open, but the axe never entered the wood.

I had divisions with our district leader last week in their area. It was sweet! Their house is really awesome. It´s a fairly big, open house in a nice little alley-way in the middle of town. The main feature was the indoor sauna. It had an old oil barrel that had the chimney running through the sauna, but the opening was outside. We had to start a fire in the barrel, and then go inside and splash water on the metal. It was a pretty sweet setup. Anyways, while we were chilling in the sauna right before we went to sleep, the theme of childhood lice instances came up in discussion and made me remember about the time I got lice as a kid. My loving mom got rid of them by putting a bunch of mayonnaise in my hair and putting a shower cap on my head and letting it sit for a pretty good time. It worked, and I am grateful that my mom didn´t just cut all my hair off. Strange which childhood memories come up some times.

We have been struggling a little with the level of enthusiasm of the members here in this area, as well as the small number of people who we have to teach. So we planned an activity that is going to be awesome this next Sunday. We have been inviting everyone we can find to come have their picture taken with their whole family. We will then astutely acquire their addresses to deliver them the picture of their family and share a message about how families can be together forever because God reorganized his church in our days by calling a prophet. It´s going to be sweet.

The “Bigger and Better scavenger hunt you did with the youth at church sounds fun. I have always wanted to play that game, maybe on P-day we will see what happens

That’s cool that Grandma Anderson and Lydia are coming to Guatemala on a humanitarian trip. I recognized the lady you sent me the picture of that they work with. We go to San Andres for church and people from their group have been there the past 2 weeks. I know where the place they stay at is. It is one heck of a long walk there (we don´t have a private bus to drive us down there) We have only gone there once because we had to walk too far... It´s been really weird to have white people that don´t know any Spanish at church. The guy that drives there bus though is getting baptized on the first of June, we just talked to him when he brought the gringos and he got super stoked to get baptized.

The video you mentioned a couple weeks ago about Jesus that went huge on YouTube Because of Him, they gave it to us on a disk in Spanish to watch with people! I was like, Hey, I feel like I have seen this before, and then I remembered that you had told me about it. The only problem here is that tons of people don´t even have electricity in their houses.

I totally forgot to mention that they cut our water for the next 3 days for ´´cleaning´´ or something like that... Pretty great really. Just imagine that nobody in your whole town has running water.... for 3 days... It’s pretty nasty here L We got up at 4am to go down to our district leaders house in Panajachel to shower, shave, brush teeth, etc. The biggest problem that we have is that the local culinary arts have a tendency to increase bathroom usage, but our bathroom has no running water. Thus, the dilemma. (Sorry for that visual!)Enjoy your running, heated, consistent water!

 That’s all for now folks.

Anyways, gotta bounce, write you later, love you bye!

Elder Rice








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