Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Temperature is rising, very few rain storms, and a lot more sun... You know what that means! CHRISTMAS! Well, this week went pretty good. Just working hard. People have started yelling ``uno dos uno dos`` when we go running by! (Which is the marching chant for the soldiers.) Then we come to an abrupt halt and talk to them while pouring out sweat and they let us teach them about the gospel. Pretty sweet.

Last Saturday we showed up for lunch with a member, and she said she wasn`t ready yet, and that she needed about 20 more minutes. So we went to look for a reference that we had been given. We showed up and realized that she had already gone to church like 3 times, so we just asked her right away if she would be baptized tomorrow. She said yes, so we got all stoked that we were going to have a baptism out of nowhere. Turns out she had a small problem with the Word of Wisdom, so she has to wait until the 29th, but still pretty cool experience!

I am the district leader here, so it isn`t likely that I have changes any time soon, so I should be here for a while- if not the rest of my mission. The last district leader was here for 6 months. Our  house is super sweet. But still... It will be nice to be home.
You asked what we eat for lunch/dinner. I don`t really have time to eat dinner anymore, with all of the stuff I have to do at night, and in the morning we have to get up at 5AM every day because I am training; so I pretty much just eat lunch, and a few snacks during the day. They sell fresh bread on every block here, so I eat a lot of that. For lunch we usually eat rice with some other simple thing, and chile peppers. I’m training up that tongue to go to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) when I get back. Don’t worry about my lack of a pillow. I’m so tired all the time that I don`t even need a pillow, but maybe I`ll get one with all the money I save on groceries. Last week I just bought 3 dollars of instant soup (like ramen, but even cheaper).  With 3 dollars I bought like 20 packages of soup!

I have a favor for anyone who is willing: Write my companion please! He is from Honduras and has no email!  It's very sad. L Something short, in Spanglish if you can, if not, in English. (or maybe try Google Translate- inaccurate as it is…) darwin.lemus.franco@myldsmail.net  I’d really appreciate it. (Our email day is Tuesday, every week)
Thanks for the updates! LOVE YOU BYE!

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